The economy of Turkey is defined as an emerging market economy by the IMF and is largely developed, making Turkey one of the world's newly industrialized countries. The country is among the world's leading producers of agricultural products; textiles; motor vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment; construction materials; consumer electronics and home appliances. In recent years, Turkey had a rapidly growing private sector, yet the state still plays a major role in industry, banking, transport, and communications.

synthetic leather
Actually my requirement this Synthetic Leather for the purpose of Car seat, for that some one give me the reference of Eymen Textile Ltd. Sti. before that I purchased synthetic leather from the other.
adeel Wed 07 Jun, 2017

Elite - Cream Shoe Polish
Hi dear, I'm Khaled from lebanon and I have shoes shops just I want know if u have distribute in lebanon Coz I want this product , Regards Khaled Farhat
Khalid Sat 06 Feb, 2016