30 Sep, 2022 PSX Trade Screen Live - President Mamnoon Hussain says foreign investors are showing keen interest in making investments in Pakistan due to government's prudent economic policies. He was talking to a delegation of Pakistan Stock Exchange in Islamabad. The President called upon foreign investors to benefit from the liberal investment policy... Read More

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PSX Trade Screen Board - (Formerly KSE) PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange (psx.com.pk), Live trade screen board shows all share updates and screen board for all related information.

Observing the KSE Trade Screen live where I am noting that Fauji Foods Limited. is standing on the total volume of 645,500 with always positive changes in rates.
nasir Mon 31 Dec, 2018

In the page of PSX Trade Screen I am checking the last rate of Aisha Steel Mills Limited. I think it may decrease by few points but still shows some positiveness in overall weekly changes in the volume of the index.
ahmad Mon 31 Dec, 2018

All the information about IPO & CFS with current price is updated in the PSX Trade Screen page, I just open this page on my desktop and refresh it few times in a day to check the updates.
ibtihaj Mon 17 Dec, 2018

The live board of PSX Trade Screen is quite helpful for the traders and the investors in the Stock Market. In my Mobile Desktop I always remain open this tab to get the updates.
nasir Fri 14 Dec, 2018

The last rate of Siddiqsons Tin Plate Ltd. is decreasing with few points which is very important for us, I think all the companies shares are looking in stress in the live PSX Trade Screen.
nabeel Wed 12 Dec, 2018

Checking out the High Index of KSE 100 in the page of PSX because yesterday I heard many rumors about the mandi situation in the whole stock market, the current face is looking stable.
salman Fri 07 Dec, 2018

In the page of ODL, checking the current volume of WAVES Singer Pakistan Ltd. after the changes in the last Friday. The whole PSX Trade Screen goes shuffle during the press conference of financial minister.
maaz Sat 01 Dec, 2018

The PSX trade page shows positive changes, concerning about the Chemical sector of PSX where I am noting that the changes happen within minutes and all are good for the Stock Holders.
salman Thu 29 Nov, 2018

its a platform where every this is put on a single screen for all the users who took benefit form Pakbiz.com on daily basis
rasheed qazi Tue 27 Nov, 2018

The last rate of Dewan Cement Limited. is 15.90 with some positive effects, as compare to the last month the current figures of the whole PSX Trade Screen is looking better for the share holders.
rehan Mon 26 Nov, 2018

According to some speculators the prices of energy sector will hike and it is the best time to invest in those shares. Boost will be also be visible in cement sector.
Asad Fri 16 Nov, 2018

In the PSX Trade Screen Page checking out the LOTCHEM asking rates which have some positive fluctuation, I think it is due to the Bid Price of it.
danish Thu 15 Nov, 2018

In PSX Trade Screen live page, I am getting the latest announcement and news about the shares of Zeal Pak cement factory ltd. can you please give some new updates about this share?
jahangir Wed 14 Nov, 2018

On this PSX Trade Screen I am worried to see Aisha Steel Mills Limited. in red marking after a long time, there is a changes in the volume at the starting of this week effects the whole PSX.
bilal Mon 12 Nov, 2018

This live trading screen really help me and my business to keep an eye on the volatility of the market and to make the decisions accordingly.
Hamza Fri 09 Nov, 2018

I have been using this website to check the daily changes of prices of the share so that I could make prompt decision of selling or buying the share.
Shaban Tue 06 Nov, 2018

In the live screen of PSX, checking out the volume of Aisha Steel. The total volume of Aisha Steel Mills Limited is getting down with few points, I thinks its not a major changes.
shahab Tue 06 Nov, 2018

Is the stock exchange value here for the Pakistan Stock Exchange accurate?. What source do you guys use to update this?
Ahmed Sun 04 Nov, 2018

PSX 100 index getting down with 0.7% which shows in the Trade Screen of the market, I think it is due to the changes in the volume of TRG and LOTCHEM. Let see what happen till the end of the day.
waqas Wed 31 Oct, 2018

You have complete information here about the Stock Trade Screen. It is a must for people who regularly buy and sell food
Iqra Sun 14 Oct, 2018