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Soapergent Industry
Ramadan Mubarak! At your service, I'm with a supplier of Zeolite 4A for raw materials for soap, washing powder and detergent paste. Tks. [email protected]
Robert 30 May, 2019

Pharma Trade
Dear sir / Madam we are from neutraceutical unit . We need Tablet section machinery like Compression ZP-19, Tray dryer,Ribbon mixer of 150 kg, Oscillating granulator,Double cone mixer 100 kg,Thiacota & blistering machine..please send price, payment terms and delivery time. An early response is reque
Ghulam Mustafa 25 Apr, 2019

Paracha Industrial Sewing Machine Co.
my name is kamal from India exporting sewing machines r u importing sewing machines frm India
Kamal Sharma 23 Mar, 2019