Rotor Head VE pump parts 146400-5521 Z00-5521 PK VE4/9L

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Product Name: VE HeadRotor
Company: Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd
Posted on: 11 Oct 2011
Expired on: 28 Sep 2024

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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd -We are a Professional manufacturer of Diesel Fuel Injection Parts, Such as Nozzle, Plunger & Barrel, and Delivery Valve and so on. All the products are gone through serious and strict quality control process, and have already exported to various countries of all over the world Our excellent Quality has been performance in various kind of reputation brand ---BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, Delphi and so on. The price is good, the delivery is quick, the service is good, good service or help is free. We are committed to providing the highest quality parts at the lowest price. Below are the unit quotations of some parts as your reference: Rotor Head 3-6cyl:USD25-40/pc Element & plunger A, AD, P, B USD3-5pc Element & plunger MW.P7100, Ep9 USD8-20/pc Pencil nozzle 27333, 8N7005 USD12-40/pc Nozzle (all types) USD3-5/pc Delivery valve USD1.5-3/pc Best regards! Web: Email:[email protected] Tel:+86-594-3603380 Fax:+86-594-3603560 Contact name:Ms Guo Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd Rotor Head: ISUZU Rotor Head 146402-0920 ISUZU Rotor Head B CARD 146402-3820 ISUZU Rotor Head (Dextral) 146402-0820 ISUZU Rotor Head (Denso) 096400-1600 Rotor Head (Denso) 096400-1330 CUMMINS Rotor Head 146833-6423(6BT) CUMMINS Rotor Head 180P (6647) CUMMINS Rotor Head( Special buses) 4496 (4BT) CUMMINS Rotor Head(Project-specific) 4378 (4BT) IVECO Rotor Head 146833-4798 NISSAN Rotor Head 146105-1920 Rotor Head 146405-0620 Rotor Head 4020 VE Rotor Head DPP A334647 VE Rotor Head DPP A334870 VE Rotor Head DPP 4841 VE Rotor Head DPP A334653 VE Rotor Head DPP C080408 VE Rotor Head DPP D000068 VE Rotor Head DPP A334625 VE Rotor Head(IVECOφ12right) 146833-4925 VE Rotor Head DPP 4900 VE Rotor Head(KIA) 3520 VE Rotor Head(4110-4112) 146837-4019 VE Rotor Head(6105-6108) 146837-6003 Rotor Head VE pump parts ( 10MM VE ) Rotor Head VE pump parts 096400-1600 D00-1600 4JB1 VE4/11L Rotor Head VE pump parts 096540-0080 D00-0080 4JB2 VE4/12L Rotor Head VE pump parts 146400-4520 Z00-45204FCI VE4/10R Rotor Head VE pump parts 146400-5521 Z00-5521 PK VE4/9L Rotor Head VE pump parts 146400-8821 Z00-8821 VE4/9L Rotor Head VE pump parts 146402-0820 Z02-0820 4JB1T 4JB1/4CYL Rotor Head VE pump parts 146402-0920 Z02-0920 4JB1T 4JB1/4CYL Rotor Head VE pump parts 146402-1420 Z02-1420VE4/12R Rotor Head VE pump parts 146402-3820 Z02-3820 PK VE4/11L Rotor Head VE pump parts 146402-4320 Z02-4320 4FB1T VE4/12R Rotor Head VE pump parts 146404-2200 Z04-2200 VE4/12L
Specifications: 146402-4320
Quantity: 100000
Price: 1
Packaging: neutral
Location: China
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: 1
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Contact Person: Nancy guo
Company: Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd
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