HOHNER GOLA 414 ACCORDION 1964-----6000Euro

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Product Name: HOHNER GOLA 414 ACCORDION 1964-----6000Euro
Model: GOLA 414
Company: Muller Muziek BV
Posted on: 07 Jul 2014
Expired on: 07 Nov 2022

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FOR SALE:- HOHNER GOLA 414 ACCORDION 1964-----6000Euro Roland FR-7XB V-Accordion FR 7 XB Black -----1500Euro Roland FR1 V-Accordion, White, White FR-1W---500Euro Roland FR-3S Compact V-Accordion Grey---1200Euro Roland FR-1b V-Accordion----700Euro Roland Fr-1 Digital V - Accordion Piano--550Euro Roland Fr-1 Button V-accordion Predessor ---650Euro Roland FR-3SW Compact V-Accordion-----1200Euro Roland FR-18D-RD Diatonic V-Accordion Red---700Euro Roland FR-1X-BK V-Accordian Lite-Black w/Keys--800Euro Roland Diatonic V-Accordion Black---680Euro Roland FR-5b V-Accordion Red--------1300Euro Roland FR-7b V-Accordion in Black----1800Euro Roland FR-3b-3sb V-Accordion in Black---1500Euro Titano Palmer Hughes 120 Bass 7/3 Piano Accordion---800Euro Titano Palmer Convertor Grand Free Bass Accordion/accordian----900Euro Titano Grand Palmer Hughes Electric Accordion Excellent Condition---870Euro Petosa Millennium Accordion, With Or Without Tone Chamber----1000Euro Titano Emporer Accordion 44/120 Professional Lmmh Amplification---1500Euro Titano Palmer Convertor Virtuoso Freebass Accordion/accordian---2000Euro Titano Organette Tube Chamber----400Euro Hohner Gola Series Premium Level Piano Accordion, Model 414----10000Euro Hohner Corona II T Xtreme Fbbeb Accordion Black----900Euro Hohner Bravo III 72 Accordion Black-----500Euro Hohner Bravo III 120 Accordion Black---600Euro Hohner Amica IV 120 Bass piano Accordion----900Euro Hohner Bravo III 120 piano Accordion - Red---700Euro Hohner Corona Iiin Xtreme Ead Accordion Pearl White---1000Euro Hohner 3500AR Corona II A-D-G Pearl Red Accordion---500Euro Hohner 3500FR Corona II F-Bb-Eb Pearl Red Accordion---550Euro Hohner Bravo 48 Accordion Red----400Euro Hohner Compadre Fbbeb Accordion Red---350Euro Hohner Verdi IIIN Accordion/Accordian Musette Excellent-----700Euro
Location: Netherlands
Minimum Order: 5
Price for Minimum Order: 6000Euro
Related Categories: Consumer Electronics , Home Audio & Video
Contact Person: Cody Hertz
Company: Muller Muziek BV
Address: Raadhuisstraat 43 Amsterdam , Amsterdam, Amsterdam , Netherlands
Zip/Postal: 1016 DD
Telephone: 31-31-2063823
Fax: 31-0-
Mobile Number: 31-0-