Company: Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited -
Model Number: Bubble Soccer Ball -
Country: China
Posted On: 26 Apr 2018
Contact Person:
Telephone: 86-86-22098070
Mobile Number: 86-0-
Product Description
Zorb Soccer Bubble Ball, Bubble Football is a fantastic inflatable sphere. Humans can wear it in zorbing soccer events or more zorb ball activities. Generally speaking, it is like a bumper or bubble suit on people. Then it is protective equipment during the bubble sports recreation. Obviously, we can see two opening holes up and down. One above hole on the bubble covers people's head completely, the other for the legs freedom. In addition, every player must put on the shoulder straps properly. Moreover, they should hold the handles, crashing and running each other. The team wins the soccer bubble sports if making more goals. China Zorb Factory - Vano Inflatables Limited. Zorb-soccer Limited - Zorb Soccer Bubble Ball Football Bumper Manufacturer
Product Specifications
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Location: China
Quantity Available: 999
Minimum Order: 1
Price for Minimum Order: 99
Packaging: bag
Payment Options: T/T etc
Shipping Terms: by air, by sea
Related Categories: Gift & Toys , Toys & Games
Contact Person:
Company: Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited -
Address: 3rd Building, Shijing Industrial Zone, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Zip/Postal: 510430
Telephone: 86-86-22098070
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-0-

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