Company: Vedard Security Electronics
Model Number:
Country: China
Posted On: 09 May 2013
Product Offer: Cooperate with Security Service, Alarm Instal ...
Contact Person: Karl Liang
Telephone: 86-595-22725581
Mobile Number: 86-186-50901698
Product Description
1. With Voice indication all around the operation. 2. LCD screen indication. 3. Total 32 wireless zones and enable to learn code automatically. 4. Total 8 wired zones which can be compatible with N/C or N/O detector. 5. Enable to enroll total 8 wireless remote, wireless door bell, and unlimited quantity of wireless siren. 6. Zone type, delay or instant alarm etc. panel setting can be modified. 7. Wireless detectors and remotes can be enrolled or deleted separately or simultaneously automatically or manually. 8. Two CMS alarm receiving phone and 4 private alarm receiving phone can be registered. 9. Enable record and inquiry 120 alarm event messages of alarm time, alarm type, arm/disarm, system setting, low battery and zone number. 10. It is with separate administrator password and user password. 11. Detailed alarm information including zone #, alarm type, alarm icon will be displayed on LCD and will report to CMS. 12. Can control the system via telephone to arm/disarm, listen to the spot, trigger siren, switch on/off house appliance etc. 13. It is vandal-proof and it will alarm when telephone line is cut off or wired detectors are off. 14. It is tamper-resistant and when the panel is removed or opened for inability, it will alarm. 15. Enable to set 4 groups of arm/disarm timing. 16. The panel is with built-in siren and can enroll extension wireless siren. Both can be settled on/off when alarming. 17. The panel dials preset follow-me phone # to report alarm message. 18. Voice indication volume enable adjust on the switch. 19. Active the real time monitoring funciton, then if zone with trouble when doing arm/disarm operation then panel will indicate zone fault. 20. It can prolong the wireless detectors to panel distance when repeater is used. 21. Tel-line off and wireless transfer function: panel make alarm or under arm status, but find out that tel line is off, panel will send signal to preset neighbour panel, and the neighbour panel report alarm instead. 22. Built-in siren can be enable or disable when pressing emergency key on the panel or the remote.
Product Specifications
32 wireless 8 wired.
Quantity Available: 1000
Minimum Order:
Price for Minimum Order:
Related Categories: Security & Protection , Defence Equipments
Contact Person: Karl Liang
Company: Vedard Security Electronics
Address: Qingmeng industrial zone, Quanzhou city, Acheng, Fujian , China
Zip/Postal: 362000
Telephone: 86-595-22725581
Fax: 86-0-
Mobile Number: 86-186-50901698
Hello Nathaniel, Thank you for your enquiry! The products are China originated name brand professional security designed. All products are with CE Certificate and some are RoHs complied, UL certified. We can provide technical data sheet, user's manual for reference. They are quality guaranteed for 1 -3 years. We provide technical support for installation, operation etc. all life time. Please feel free to visit our website at and contact us via website contact information showed. Thank you!
Jenny Fri 28 Jun, 2013

Compliments of the day, My company asked me to make inquiries about the purchase of your company’s product. I wish to know the originality of this product because we are aware that there are fake products also. So we want to know how genuine this product is and its warranty, as we wish to make large amount of purchase of this product.We are looking forward to hear from you.
Nathaniel McCray Thu 27 Jun, 2013

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